Hacked Raven Input (Nina Wenhart, jonCates + jake elliot) remixes and transcodes raw data from various Media Art Archives, converting files into realtime audio video noise, building a nest for digital punk computer witches and crashing systems across a network connecting Linz/Chicago.

Monday, January 21, 2008

thoughts for next steps

for a future project (if you'd like to continue) i'd love to have compressions techniques as a topic for the visuals. like we already found out during the first project, different compression algorithms will produce different effects when used in pd, that there are no glitches when we used QT (sorensen 3), but a lot of glitches that respond to the changes in music with avi (divX 5.0.2).

"Different compression algorithms have different artifacts, some of them are apparent in the first generation, and some of them take many generations to appear. Some artifacts effect the detail within the image, and some effect the apparent motion of the image."

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