Hacked Raven Input (Nina Wenhart, jonCates + jake elliot) remixes and transcodes raw data from various Media Art Archives, converting files into realtime audio video noise, building a nest for digital punk computer witches and crashing systems across a network connecting Linz/Chicago.

Monday, January 14, 2008

song 3 score (draft)

3. Vasulkas + Linz/Chicago archives: realtime raw data processing (guitar solo)

instruments: [guitar] , [Soundcraft SPIRIT E8 10 channel mixer], [JBSYSTEMS COMPACT DJ style mixer] (also as) [no-input mixer], [MacBook Pro]

Nina: contact mic'd [guitar] in to [JBSYSTEMS COMPACT DJ style mixer] CH 1 Phono
jC 00: [no-input mixer] Rec Out to CH 2 CD/Line, [Matrix ACOUSTIC GUITAR TUNER PICK-UP] attached to [guitar] in to [JBSYSTEMS COMPACT DJ style mixer] MIC IN
jC 01: rewire [no-input mixer] to: [JBSYSTEMS COMPACT DJ style mixer], audio output of [MacBook Pro] of Vasulkas + Linz/Chicago archives as raw data, in to [no-input mixer] CH 1 CD/LINE
jC 02: accelerate raw data processing/playback

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