Hacked Raven Input (Nina Wenhart, jonCates + jake elliot) remixes and transcodes raw data from various Media Art Archives, converting files into realtime audio video noise, building a nest for digital punk computer witches and crashing systems across a network connecting Linz/Chicago.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

first rehearsal - theory part

fingers are taped with contact mics; text written in size 200; when finished, let text get smaller (to about 13pt); text finished in abc1:

switch to other/readable font; we use the print option, look around how many people are in the audience and print out the theory; while printing, we'll attach the contact mike to the printer

close preview, fontcreator shows up (fullscreen)

underneath it, pd is running all the time; so we can just switch from one prog to the next; the video we are running is one from our first patch tests, looks like a live stream from the schleppi

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