Hacked Raven Input (Nina Wenhart, jonCates + jake elliot) remixes and transcodes raw data from various Media Art Archives, converting files into realtime audio video noise, building a nest for digital punk computer witches and crashing systems across a network connecting Linz/Chicago.

Friday, January 11, 2008

sample quotes (audio from archives)

sample quotes (audio from archives)

- from Ars, i.e. "I'm not an airplane" - Charlotte Moorman, excerpts from podcasts of Ars Electronica Festival (as choosen by Nina)

- from Vasulkas (as choosen by jC)

- from Phil Morton (as choosen by jC)

+ process samples using PD (granulate? build a granular synthesis module into the patches used... build a sampler in also?)

working title of this section: "What You Said Sounds Great"

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